Your website is a part of the day-to-day life at your school, it can be used as an invaluable communications tool but can be difficult for your staff to maintain to a high standard.

Many schools eventually find that their website no longer covers statutory requirements or the design and functionality they require.

Web4Edu helps schools free themselves from the time and expense of website management and support their digital communications moving forward.

Our Benefits

A new website

  • Individually tailored website to showcase your school and pupils
  • Smart website design for accessibility and easy navigation.
  • Consolidate and organise your existing content to create an inviting and informative website
  • Meet the latest website requirements set out by Ofsted and DfE
  • Be a trusted source of information

Regular updates

  • Save time updating your website with a simple email to our action team
  • Send updates on the go from any device, making our services teacher friendly
  • Automatically share your news and events on social media
  • Get updates and school closure communication on your website fast
  • All updates are filtered to maintain high standards of safeguarding before going live on your website or social media
  • Reminders are sent to your staff to share information and updates to keep your class content relevant and informative for parents


  • Unlimited pages and content with no restrictions
  • New free features to showcase your school
  • Regular quality control to ensure there are no broken links, errors, layout or structural issues
  • Integrate social media with your website updates to build an engaging and active presence within your community
  • Continual support and feature reviews to ensure your website is always looking its best

Websites without limits

Authorised staff can send any type of update like class photos, documents and diary dates directly to our action team which reduces administration and gives your staff more time to do the important things.

All content will be checked for safeguarding before going live on your website and we even do the niggly jobs like rotating photos and converting your files to PDF.

When you sign up to Web4Edu we work with you to design a website that is cutting edge and reflects the ethos and personality of your school. We continually improve our products and features based on the valued feedback we receive.


We create a website that will stand out from the crowd with a design tailored for you.


We organise and transfer all content from your existing website and help you become Ofsted compliant.


When your new website is ready, we simply agree a time when your ready to switch over.

Ofsted Compliance Content Auditing

The Ofsted statutory requirements are the legal minimum that schools must include on their website. Our website management includes content checks in compliance with Ofsted and we notify you of any issues.

Not a Web4Edu client? No problem. We are able to offer Ofsted Compliance Content Auditing to all schools, providing a full report together with guidance on achieving compliance. For more information on pricing contact us here.

Keep parents up to date

When bad weather cancels a school trip or an after school club is postponed, you need to spread the word quickly.

Our messaging center is a simple and effective solution for schools to send text updates and is included in our standard pricing.

We can also send automatic notifications to Facebook or Twitter to keep your parents up to date as changes happen on your website.

What makes us different

Don't lose time sorting your files, use our simple drag-and-drop zone on the Teacher Portal and we will resize, rotate and format all files for you. You'll be notified as soon your changes and are live on the website, it's really that easy!

Forget transferring pictures to your laptop, share what's happening in your class or on a school trip with a simple e-mail and we will create a gallery and update your social media pages for you.

Updating diary dates takes time and is not always a priority. Simply e-mail us a list and we will update them for you, we also check your newsletters for any updates or rescheduled events.

Design for Accessibility

Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss, that's around one person in 30.

Screen readers help people who are blind or who have poor vision to use your website with the same level of independence as anyone else.

Your website will be designed and reguarly maintained to support accessibility standards with thoughtful use of links, forms, headings and more.

If you would like to know how your website can support accessibility standards better or why it is so important, we would love to have a chat.

Modernise your school

Enjoy the benefits of modern technology with our team of expert designers and developers who ensure your website continues to be compatible on all devices and working the way you expect.

We take pride in our school websites which is why we work with you to keep your website looking great and provide an unique service tailored to schools.

Plans for all schools

We offer a number of website plans to get you started with an express templated option or create something special with a bespoke website including design, graphics and complete management of your school's social media.

Talk to us today to see how we can help reduce the overhead of managing your school website.

Choose from a range of mobile-friendly express websites
Personalise with your school logo and colours
Basic cosmetic changes
Transfer of content from your existing website
DfE and Ofsted compliance report
Unlimited updates to your website
Telephone consultations to design a bespoke website
Improved user experience through suggested page and content layout
Transfer of content from your existing website
Expert review of your website content to meet DfE and Ofsted compliance
Unlimited updates to your website
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All Standard features, plus:
Video or Onsite consultation to discuss your schools' requirements
Custom features for your website
Copywriting and Blog Posts
Graphic Design
School or Event Photography
Complete social media management including posts and interactions

All plans include

1 SMS per pupil per month (Upgrade plans are available)

Domain management and renewals

Website and file hosting

No setup, transfer or hidden fees

I'm ready to start! How do I sign up?

It's super easy! Just click on Request a Quote and enter some information about your school and what plan you are interested in.

We will contact you at a convenient time and begin with a review of your current website. You tell us what you do and don't like about your school website and then we take your ideas and vision to create a website draft.

Any content that you want to keep and transfer over to your new website is assessed for Ofsted compliance and any changes are addressed.

Within 3-4 weeks your complete website is ready for you to sign off, and just like that you can say goodbye to time consuming administration.

A better website for your school starts here

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